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Social media marketing has everyone wrapped in this euphoric world where everything revolves around updates and notifications that one gets. In an era where people are busy looking down on their phones, conventional marketing schemes fall short to reach the target they actually are supposed to achieve. The only option that shines through is going digital. Businesses are getting aware on a daily basis about the perks of digital marketing and the reach that this new, and evolved form of marketing has brought with it. The simple fact that a person sitting in a whole different third-world nation can market a product originating from another country is mind-blowing!


Social media marketing is a branch of digital marketing and is among the industries rising rapidly in its ranks. Tapping the potential that social media holds is the crux that this revolves around. After all, having the world connected has its own perks, and using that connection to spread awareness about the product, let alone marketing it by moulding the conventional techniques to something that is more relevant in today’s market is a whole achievement in itself. 

With over 42% of the world’s population using social media on a daily basis, there was nothing more appropriate to shift to the various social media platforms to promote and market your products.

Social media marketing has two major points to focus on, in layman terms they’re organic social and paid social. Organic social refers to all the activity that doesn’t carry any cost. Whatever you would see on your social media channels and what you basically see in the pages of any brand that you visit, whereas paid social indicates all the ads that are paid. The end motive of both being the same i.e. bringing leads, the status of one being free and the other being paid is a major difference.


Our professional social media marketers are well versed with the workings of all the platforms and can help curate a feed capable of keeping the public hooked and at the same time help spread the word about your product and brand throughout the UK. Using the latest trends, your target audience can be engaged with our methods of marketing and help keep a steady flow of leads of every kind.

With pride in the blend of methods we use, our lead generation is counted among the best in London and has been able to bring a plethora of brands to the top of their game!
Social media marketing in London is among the rising industries and can possibly also come among the top earning industries. With businesses demanding an online presence and almost all of their marketing going digital, it is essential for every small business owner to consider the fact that there are humongous chances for them to prosper with an online presence.


Social media has a number of platforms to carry out your marketing, but the ones that stand out are:

1. Facebook
2. Instagram
3. Twitter
4. YouTube
5. LinkedIn

With Facebook leading the rest, this platform still holds the record with almost 2.38 Billion monthly active users. One can just imagine the volume of viewers your product, or the content marketing your product would reach, and out of those the number of people that your product can speak to!

People are moved when they find a solution to their problems, and research has proven that half the time a person spends online is for searching out solutions to the problems they face. The moment your product speaks to people, it leaves a mark in their minds, and the chances of them trying to find your product again increases. This is basically how a lead is converted, and the crux around which revolves the social media marketing in London and also the rest of the world.

We at Kiwek are known for the brand research that we conduct before making a plan for your marketing. This research helps in strategizing the placement of ads and how each attempt will definitely bring the needed result for your brand. Leaving nothing for chance or fate, we strive to bring the best leads and convert them to revenue for your brand to grow and flourish, ultimately giving us what we are proud for.

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