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The whole tale and how SEO rose in its ranks

We’ve always been at war with each other when it comes to what came first, the chicken or the egg. This world of ours has some even funnier questions which have kept debates afloat for a while now. But there came one question that everyone knows well. It was Google that came first and then came the topic of this hour, SEO company or rather Search Engine Optimisation.

Search Engine History

There was a time when we had to type “” to reach their site and search what we wanted to, then came the time of google chrome and now it is one of the IT superpowers of this world, with conspiracies and theories of its own. Google works using algorithms that actually note words inserted in the searches and calculates the results using them. 

The loophole here is that with the right usage of these words in your content and your site, the algorithm will be cracked and your site would appear among the top most sites where most of the eyes would get a glance of it.

What’s an SEO Company

An SEO Company specializes in the workings of the search engine and helps you in terms of visibility of your site.

Such companies help you by modifying your website and content and makes them more favourable towards search engine searches that. 

In simpler words, if a website dealing in pet supply would use words like “dog food”, “supplies for pets”, etc, its visibility upon someone searching for pet supplies would increase, which means more people with similar “pet related” queries would avail relevant information from such sites.

Why an SEO company?

In simple terms an SEO company will upgrade your content with key words having higher ranking and appear more frequently when a person searches anything even slightly relevant to the topic. 

The main thing backing an SEO company would be its experience. An SEO company would use its experienced workforce in enhancing your site’s chances of appearing in someones searches. All this with the help of trained developers and designers including various specialized members and simple and straightforward keywords. 

 Wouldnt that make it easier for your business?

How would it improve a site’s reach?

Such agencies improve a sites quality when it comes to SEO relevant content. 

Organic traffic is what an SEO based company has to offer to various businesses. That is the end result and it is basically all that a business expects from a website of its own. Organic traffic that brings potential and actual revenue. 

Organic traffic has a higher chance of striking conversations and deals resulting in a hefty return for the business. This traffic is brought about by the smart use of keywords, and guess what an SEO based company does?

Words are not the only thing here, a recent study shows that almost 71.33% of  searches were converted from clicks on the very first page of search results, and i’m sure even you would’ve never thought of going to the second page of anything you’ve searched online.

Its human tendency to relate higher credibility with the very first page of anything searched online. An SEO company helps your business’s website appear as close to the search tab of google as it possibly can.

Kiwek Interactive here is counted among those companies that have brought businesses to their deserving spot on this digital map that we basically live in. Excelling in various activities that initiate and direct organic traffic your way, Kiwek interactive specializes in not just SEO workings, but also in digital marketing as well as social media marketing. 

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